Anthony Farrimond Photographer-2Welcome!

My name is Anthony and I am a professional photographer based in Leeds.  My clients can be found across many industries to whom I provide both professional headshot photography and commercial photography services.

What I do & how I do it!

I specialise in working with people and the promotion of businesses and charitable organisations.  I do this by working in close partnership with my clients, understanding their changing requirements in this digital age, mangaing photography shoots that are professional yet engaging and creating imaginative and engaging content and eye catching headshots and portraiture.

I measure myself in four ways, my passion for what I do, dedication to the job in hand, my creativity, problem solving and finally my collaborative style. Head over to the About Me page to learn more about how I work. 


I actually dream about photography, during waking hours I think about it every 7 seconds. I’m dedicated to getting “the shot”, it’s what makes me happy!



Am I an expert? One day, but until the day where I sit stroking my beard and teaching those young folk how to photograph, I dedicate everything to being the best at what I do.  I even built this website, it was quite hard.



Whether it’s through a single headshot or a series of images depicting a business,  I love the process of telling a story.  Creating imaginative images that tell people something about the subject



Sharing is caring. I work with my clients, guiding them to making the right choices regarding their images, often listening and learning from them, experts in their own field.