What should you expect from your actors headshot session

I know how hard you’re working. You’re ambitious and full of determination most days but then some days leave you full of doubt and resistance.

I’m pretty passionate about what I do too and as a creative I’m on that rollercoaster with you. You know how brilliantly you do what you do and want the world to know that too. Your image is mega important to you and its got to be right.

Your headshot has to be right. You don’t want images of you looking like just any another actor with a far off, distant look in your eyes!

You want a set of images that reflect you to a tee. You want them to show just how dynamic and fresh you are and you want them to help you stand head and shoulders above your competition because that’s exactly where you deserve to be.

Working with Anthony was very enjoyable, easy and professional. I really liked how he can calm your nerves prior to the shoot thus keeping the whole experience nice and relaxed, which allows you to perform really well in front of the camera.

Sid Akbar Ali

Amber Personal Managment

I won’t pick up my camera until I’ve had a chance to get to know you and your career and what you want to project to the world. You can tell me all about it over the phone / video and we can geek out over theatre and films, and training for a bit. We’ll chat about ideas for your shoot and you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any cause you can bet I’ll have loads!

And as for feeling awkward and embarrassed in front of the camera… There won’t be time for that cause I pretty much never stop telling you exactly what to do and showing you exactly how to do it. You can have a good laugh at me showing you how to ‘work that shoulder’ (just wait til you learn that little trick!). You will be stunned and amazed at how much fun you and will have taking photographs.¬†

My (not so) secret recipe for the Perfect Headshot

I believe everyone should have the best possible chance at creating a winning headshot, which is why I coach my clients from the moment we book, right through to the end of their session. The whole process starts with one simple statement that I ask everyone to answer before we start to plan our session

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