1. You said YES!


We put our heads together, compare diaries, swap numbers, tweet, like, and tag each other! Sign on the dotted line and the date is yours!

2. Confirmation

I’ll drop you an email with confirmation of the session. This will also include the super official looking contract which I’ve made super easy to access and sign. Boom!


3. Two weeks to go

Time to start preparing. If we haven’t already, we can start to talk about location, what to wear and how to prepare generally for the shoot. Don’t worry, I’ll back everything up that we discuss in an email! I will insist on a video chat, it’s important we get to know each other first! 🙂


4. Couple of days to go

WE HAVE A QUICK CHAT, give our plans a once over and I get my gear checked and ready to go.

This is the point when your balance is due.

Every one of my clients are unique

It’s tricky to offer a one size fits all photography package. If the options I provide don’t match up with what you’re planning, drop me a line and tell me all about it so that I can put a bespoke price together for you!

No matter what package you decide to go for, all my clients get the following options:

Before you commit we speak on a video call. We’ll chat about your career and hopes for the session. It’s also an opportunity to ensure we’ll be a great fit!

If you need a mix of looks, we can do this from my home studio. It’s relaxed, somewhere private to change and we can work indoors as well as outdoors.

If you have problems commuting or you’re looking for something quite specific we can shoot at a mutually convenient location. I’ll let you know in advance if there might be an additional fee to cover travel.

Bali might be nice but we’ll have to talk flights!

Get in touch to discuss!

OK not meaning to sound to generic here, what I basically mean is that I won’t be sitting on your images for weeks!

You’ll get access to your proofing gallery within 48 hours and edits take up to ten days.

If you’re looking for a super quick turnaround just let me know.

Students, under 18’s and over 65’s get a 20% discount! (exludes the Green Room option)


Discounts are great, if you’re on a budget there are other ways of saving money too.

Let’s chat about it.

Want to see more photos?

Take a look at my portfolio and come back anytime, go on, I’ll be here when you get back!

What's your photography like?

If I had to describe it in just three words, relaxed, fun and emotive. I like to ‘work’ with my clients, so my sessions are collaborative. We’re both here to create some kick ass shots!

Oh and be prepared to get a selfie with me, got to get a photo with the photographer, right!?

Where do you cover?

Anywhere. Everywhere. Seriously. I’ve shot all over the UK however the majority of my clients come to me at me wee cottage on the outskirts of Wetherby.

I cover right across the North of England, shooting in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool. If I’m down South I usually post about it on Facebook or Twitter.

Always looking to stick a new pin in the map so if you’re happy to cover expenses, I’d happily fly out to Palawan (probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet, in the Philippines!)

What kit do you use?

I shoot on Canon professional equipment and have a wide range of lenses. My camera records images to two separate memory cards at the same time for extra peace of mind and as soon as we’re done I back those cards up again.

I also have just a few bits for lighting, OK that’s a slight exaggeration but almost all of it is portable and I always carry a portrait kit in the car when I travel!

What happens if I'm ill?

Whether you’re ill, an important audition or opportunity has cropped up, sometimes we just need to cancel.

Worry not, we’ll just pick a fresh date and time and rearrange. Sorted!

What does copyright mean?

As the photographer, I own the copyright to the images I take. But don’t worry – the images you receive are YOURS. I supply hi res fully edited files and you can print them or share them however you see fit. 

I don’t think I’ve ever said no to images being used on social media, just as long as the images aren’t edited or have any filters applied. Just let me know where you’re posting, I like to keep a track on where and when my images are seen.

Oh and unless you get it in writing, please don’t use them for commercial gain – let’s have a chat about it first!

What happens now? How do I book?

Great question! First things first you need to GET IN TOUCH. Say Hi. Tell me about yourself. I’ll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible and if you think I’m your man, well then we are good to go. 

You book, we exchange info and money and then I shoot your amazing professional headshots before delivering a kick ass set of images that will hopefully spring board you into your next role. BOOM! 

Hey there I'm Anthony!

Hey there I'm Anthony!

Chief taker of photos, tea maker

Guess what? I can’t stand having my picture taken either! Seriously though, I totally get it.  Without this sounding like a dating profile. I’ve sung since I was at high school, have three guitars (but only one pair of hands?) and play the piano.

I live with my beautiful partner and all round marketing guru Lisa and I have two daughters under 6!  I trained as an actor at Bretton Hall and enjoyed a career in muscial and educational theatre.

I’ve had a camera in my hand most of my life and went professional about 15 years ago – my first ever paid gig was a wedding, I got £50 and lunch. 

Want to know more?

Great! Head on over to the contact page

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