People of Walton

a portrait project celebrating village life

Professional Photographer and Walton village resident Anthony Farrimond is documenting village life in a series of photographic portraits.

Anthony and his partner Lisa came to the village over a year ago and after the home birth of their daughter, Anthony has started this creative project to celebrate the community in which he and his family have been made to feel most welcome.

Anthony is calling upon all residents of the village of Walton to sit for a portrait which will be donated back the community, resulting in an portrait exhbition in the village hall later this year.

If you would like to volunteer to sit for a portrait or would like more information you can contact Anthony direct on or on 01937 842676

Lisa has lived in Walton with her partner for a year and gave birth to her daughter in this very room. She quite often spends evenings in front of her sowing machine, making clothes for both herself and Connie.

Gay fixed David’s computer and gave him advice on how to use it and they’ve been together ever since.  Gay is an incredibly passionate gardener, David is mostly retired from his business which his son now runs as part of the NHS supply chain.

Tangled Roots
Sunday Drivers

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