We spoke recently with Lora Barnett, proud mum to 11 year old actor Savanna (pictured) who recently was cast as lead in a film starting production this year.  She was spotted on Youtube after Lora uploaded Savanna’s latest actors showreel.  We wanted to know how they did it to see if there was anything we could learn from their success.

Anthony: Tell us more about the video, what was it?  How did you film it and how did you go about sharing it?

Lora: Savanna did a short film for the Met film school called “In colour”, it was the first project Savanna has been in and she took to it like a duck to water.  The short film was a very controversial subject about how easy it is for young children to access things on the Internet at home.  She loved the experience which made her want to do more.

Savanna handled it in a very mature and professional manner, it took a week to film in Ealing when the filming and editing was finished the director and producer gave me some of the clips and put a showreel together for us.  I uploaded the showreel to YouTube and on her acting page on Kids Casting Call Pro.  The student from Met films also used it for her end of year exam and it was sent to film festivals!

Anthony: What kind of reaction did you get? Was it what you imagined? Tell us about happened when the director got in touch.

Lora: I got all kinds of reactions from friends and family and viewers, some friends thought it was a bit hard hitting and others were very proud of Savanna.

I received an email from a Film Director asking if Savanna would like to take the lead roll in their film about racism, they wrote,

I was very impressed by the quality of your performances, particularly in “In Colour”, so I would love to cast you as the lead roll

Savanna and I were extremely excited and she accepted the part not long afterwards.

Share your success

It’s brilliant hearing about this success story, even just talking about how pleased you are about getting a part can lead people to your own showreel, headshot or website.  After all that’s how we found out about Savanna’s success, Lora was shouting about it from the roof tops.

The lesson?  Get your showreel and headshots up online, keep them up-to-date but most importantly of all share your success.  You can be modest but make sure you celebrate the wins, they don’t come as often as we like but if you, a friend or a family member are talking about it on social media, then someone out there is reading it.  Perhaps your next employer!

If you have had a similar success story you would like to share with us, get in touch, comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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