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Actors Headshot

Actors Headshots

Jessica came to my home studio in Leeds for her actors headshots. This is when I learned about her start in acting. Like a lot of actors I’ve met over the years, her story is an unusual one.

Jessica’s passion for acting started by way of a chance appearance on the BBC. Since then she has had varied and versatile roles ranging from Mary Queen of Scotts to a drunken pirate!

She trained in Ju-Jitsu and wanted to be a bodyguard but that all changed when she caught the ‘bug’. Jessica came to me for her actors headshots beacause she wanted to get signed with an agent.

She was great to work with, took direction incredibly well and as a result we came away from the session with some great headshots.

Website :

Casting Profile : Mandy

Twitter : @JessWinterton

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  1. What is your range?
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  3. What would those characters wear?

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